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We are a competent and reliable DMS specialist for customers, partners and suppliers:
Maintenance and expansion of project resources, know-how, support, loyalty and neutrality.



We are a competent and reliable DMS specialist for customers, partners and suppliers:
Maintenance and expansion of project resources, know-how, support, loyalty and neutrality.

Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Our company is highly valued by employees, customers and partners.

Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Our company is highly valued by employees, customers and partners.

The Company.

The Company.

Dieter Naßler, CEO of intex:

Unternehmen intex Geschäftsführer

„Successfully manage documents. This has been one of our most important guiding principles since the foundation of intex in 1991. It says what we’ve been doing successfully for 25 years. This combined with an exceptional service and solutions for our customers. This homepage should give you a short, multifaceted insight into intex. In what we do and how we do it. The team spirit of our employees, their commitment to our customers, their projects and their enthusiasm for document management have made intex what it is today. A company in which our customers have confidence. Whose appreciation makes us proud. To win these and to confirm them again and again is both a responsibility and an incentive for the intex team.“




Satisfied customers. We convince with experience and over 300 customers. You can see an excerpt from our customer list in the references on the homepage.


Enthusiastic employees. We are a strong team for your success.


Successful partnerships. We integrate our digital document management solutions into your existing ERP systems. Here we work together with companies in long-standing successful partnerships.


DMS workstations. Our customers work with a total of over 7,500 installed DMS workstations.


Active countries. Today intex is active throughout Europe. We operate from our headquarters in Lauf and from branch offices in Unterschleißheim near Munich and Berlin. In addition to Germany, our customers are located in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.


Years of experience. Founded in 1991, intex has more than 28 years of experience in document and process management.



intex is a value-oriented company. For this reason, we are shaping our future together.

People seek meaning in what they do. A „for what“! And if we succeed in living values, we feel our life as VALUABLE. And sense-realization happens through value-realization!

Our values are:

  • Esteem
  • Trust
  • Attentiveness
  • Truthfulness
  • Justice/Failure Learning Culture

The most important value category are the universal values or fundamental values. Universal values are guidelines, bundled experiences of mankind for a successful life and living and working together.

The essential universal values are:

instead of lies, untruthfulness, half-truths, fraud

instead of mistrust, excessive control, fear

Freedom and Responsibility
instead of bossing around, narrowing down and shifting responsibility

Love/ Esteem
instead of devaluation and rejection

instead of ruthlessness

Justice/Fairness/Failure and Learning Culture
instead of unequal treatment, unfair treatment, bullying

instead of taking ingratitude to work as a matter of course

As a team, we have developed a framework of values for working together at intex. We understand these values as an orientation for our actions and the way we interact with and for one another!

intex is and remains a meaningful and value-oriented company. And that is why we are shaping our future TOGETHER.

  • We create a set of values as a common basis for our actions
  • We see ourselves as a community of values
  • We combine esteem and value creation, humanity and effectiveness



Our aim is to remain a sustainable company.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. With their potential and diversity, they make us unmistakable.

This diversity is a decisive competitive advantage – as a medium-sized company in the IT and software industry with a diversified document management portfolio for almost all industries, we employ different experts with high competence.

Individuality is an essential component of our corporate culture and is expressly wanted – by this we also mean giving the greatest possible freedom for independent work and action.

Our ethical principles and values form the framework for this conduct: outstanding performance, teamwork, leadership and responsibility.

Intern Communication.

Intern Communication.

At intex, we are constantly working on making our internal communication more efficient. This strongly influences the working atmosphere and creates an uniform corporate image for all employees. This has many advantages, especially for employee motivation.

Once a day at 11.45 a.m. the employees of all departments as well as the management meet for the so-called ‚Blitzlicht‘ (flashlight). Employees from the field locations are also involved via video conferencing. Here, current projects and results are discussed or new ideas are sought. In this way, a brief informative and efficient exchange takes place between the divisions.

Our kickoff meetings at the beginning of each year naturally focus on the results achieved in the previous year and the PLAN-figures for the new year, as well as on important projects in each department. Every employee has the opportunity to contribute his or her ideas and participate proactively in the company’s success. But also the fun factor should not be neglected at our Kickoff´s, whether in the bowling centre or on the golf course, with fun and a lot of motivation we start the new business year together.

Environmental Commitment.

Environmental Commitment.

With our solutions, we make a significant contribution to the protection of our environment. Almost every second industrially felled tree in the world is processed into paper, according to the environmental organization WWF. The now widespread and well-meant reminder notices in the signatures are well suited to raising awareness of the issue. But in case of doubt, the e-mail, for example, is printed after all.

The intelligent products and solutions from intex make paper filing redundant and paper-based handling in document management unnecessary.

The replacement of paper by digital files and workflows also brings further advantages:

  • Savings in paper, printing costs and postal dispatch
  • Costs for archiving are drastically reduced
  • Document research is easier and faster
  • Digital documents can also be accessed while being on the road
  • The cooperation of several persons is through the digital document processing flexible and location-independent possible.
  • Document intensive processes are more transparent, faster and less expensive

Social Engagement.

Social Engagement.

Together with one of the world’s largest aid organisations, intex is committed to improving the lives of children. An important involvement for us is the support of „Compassion“.

Compassion’s 1:1 sponsorships help to overcome poverty and give children the opportunity to change their lives. Get to know Compassion at