Our Mission

intex is your experienced partner for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management (DMS) and Electronic Archiving.

We are a competent and reliable DMS specialist for customers, partners and suppliers: Maintenance and expansion of project resources, know-how, support, loyalty and neutrality. Our customers benefit from intex as a DMS service provider with maximum benefit and high added value. intex increases process quality, reduces costs and accelerates processes. intex solutions give pleasure to the work and customers become more successful.

Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Our company is highly valued by employees, customers and partners. It is a pleasure to work with us. We shape the future with a reliable organisational structure. Every employee can contribute his abilities and gifts and develop further through targeted training and further education.

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we are the most important Competence Partner of EASY Software AG.

EASY Software Premium Partner

The right DMS solution

We have the right solution for the digitalisation of your company. This includes digital customer and process files, digital contract management, …

Intuitive operability

Smart and efficient working with the self-explanatory interfaces of ECM solutions.

Optimal care and support

Competent support from your personal project manager, consultant or support department to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

intex Dokumentenmanagement

Managing documents successfully


Audit-proof archiving

intex Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung

Accelerate processes, optimize processes, reduce costs

/ We create solutions

for our customers in a changing and digital world

With document management from EASY

Managing documents successfully

Ad hoc delivery and rule-based workflows / 

This gives you secure document handling with controlled process support: Nothing gets lost and the processing speed increases enormously.

Extensive DMS functions via web browser / This means enormous advantages for you in process processing with minimum installation effort and maximum availability, both internally and via the Internet.

Cost optimization and full cash discount utilization / Never again cash discount losses: Profitability in invoice verification.

Full-text search in archived transactions and document contents / Quick overview of all transaction-related transactions, so that you have all the information you need to assess a situation at a glance.


intex Dokumentenmanagement



Audit-proof archiving

Meet GoBD compliance requirements

Certified security / no access for unauthorized persons: The security of the EASY long-term archiving was confirmed by an expert opinion.

Audit-proof filing / Your documents are protected against any changes by automatic logging and intelligent additional modules.

Global uniformity / country-specific format specifications are standardized and can therefore be easily mapped at any company location.


intex Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung

Automated incoming invoice processing

Accelerate processes, optimize processes, reduce costs.

Transparency through a uniform work process / All incoming invoices are thus always at a glance and accessible: from the perfect incoming invoice book to automated booking.

Minimizing process costs and increasing efficiency / You can easily cover an increased volume of work with the same number of employees.

Cost optimization and full cash discount utilization / No more cash discount losses: profitability in invoice verification.

Full audit compliance / The original invoices are archived in an audit-compliant environment.

Digital customer and process files

Immediate overview of all document types of the transaction

Cost minimization of file management / space saving as an addition to efficiency.

Increased customer satisfaction through shorter response times / Your customers will be enthusiastic about your service.

Central and audit-proof data storage / You work in compliance with the law: the audits pass silently.

Access to documents is browser-controlled / Independent of where you are (company, branch, home office): optimally informed.


intex Digitale Kundenakte


intex Vertragsmanagement

Digital contract management

Efficient administration and processing with EASY CONTRACT

Monitoring of contract terms / deadline management – you no longer lose any extension or termination.

Automated escalation option / Important to-do’s are not left behind, even in the event of prevention, illness or vacation.

Liquidity planning at a glance / All inflows and outflows of funds at a glance at all times: ideally suited for viewing your liquidity.

Trust is good, control is better / We give you the necessary security with confidential contract documents.

e-mail management with EASY

Remove overcrowded mailboxes from your daily list.

Relief for server and mailboxes / Intelligent archiving reduces the storage load by up to 90 percent and guarantees secure performance.

Central, rule-based archiving / Keep an eye on international standards as well as German standards in globalized markets.

Compliance requirements fulfilled / EASY for EXCHANGE thus complies with the statutory data retention requirements and safeguards the rights of individual Outlook users with regard to data protection.

Search for e-mails / Archived e-mails can be searched in Outlook. With the EASY search, even information in attachments can be found; the simultaneous search in archived and non-archived e-mails as well as in several archive mailboxes at the same time is also possible.


intex E-Mail-Management


intex Personalmanagement

Digital personnel file and applicant management

The Digital Personnel File from EASY HR.

Audit and release process / Audit and release process for applications from receipt to rejection or hiring.

Release of parts of files / Individual release of parts of files, also time-limited.

Flexible resubmission system / A flexible resubmission system and automatic follow-up measures significantly relieve you of routine tasks.

Location-independent access / Files can be secured, viewed and modified by a sophisticated access system, even when on the move.

Automated form recognition

Save on routine work and data entry.

Automated processing / Your image files are processed automatically. This saves you valuable time.

High recognition rates / Form recognition is characterized by high recognition rates at field and document level.

Automated verification / The recognized data is automatically verified and only requires manual intervention in the event of critical deviations.

Time saving during induction / The user-friendliness enables a short induction period for the personnel.


intex Formularerkennung

intex Solutions

At intex, we develop a variety of solutions with high added value for EASY users.

intex-Collect / Forms an electronic staple that automatically summarizes documents archived in EASY
intex-DataMover / Transformer for the perfect workflow of document processes
intex-Exporter / Manual and automatic export functions from EASY archives
intex-Importer / Universal import function for EASY archives
intex-mailERV / Collect and process invoices from an email inbox
intex-Preview + EASY CAPTURE OFFICE / Solution for fast and secure archiving of previously scanned paper documents in batch mode

intexQUERY / makes all technical documents available at the push of a button
intex-Report-Designer / Automatically generates certain reports according to predefined rules in connection with databases or data containers (e.g. automated creation and sending of correspondence)
intex-Toolbox / Universal connection to the ERP/WaWi solution used in each case for efficient data exchange (incl. ERP connector)
intex-Web / Integration in third-party applications for fast document finding
intex-ARV / Automatic invoice dispatch of all daily outgoing invoices

the downloads are only available in german language

What our customers say

/ Albert Craiss GmbH & Co.

By using the solutions from intex, EASY and lbase, we have significantly accelerated our freight forwarding business processes and can now react immediately to customer enquiries and trigger invoices / credit notes more quickly.

/ Groninger & Co. GmbH

Copies, double receipts, triple copies, more and more paper. Due to lack of space, the special machine manufacturer groninger searched for a solution for its archive and found it at the software house intex.


We work together with a large number of companies. As partners, suppliers and customers.

Get in touch with intex and join us on the path to successful digitisation.

/ Our references

We convince with experience.

Our portfolio includes trade & services, mechanical & plant engineering, forwarding as well as breweries & beverage trade. Take a look at the excerpt of our customer list with companies that are already successfully using our solutions.

/ Our partners

We integrate our document management solution into your existing ERP systems.

Archiving / Automated archiving of all documents from the application.

Research / Integrated research from the user interface.

Integration / Convenient connection to the database when scanning invoices etc. and archiving Office documents.

/ Our support

We offer you the best support and customer service you can imagine. Use our support ticket and our team will answer your questions. For live support we use the Team Viewer. We also provide you with legal documents and product brochures free of charge in our download area.

intex Teamviewer

/ 1:1 Support with the TeamViewer

  • With the intex TeamViewer we can process your support cases quickly and efficiently. Please click on the corresponding link to download it. This will give you remote access via TeamViewer.
  • Download TeamViewer intex Support 
  • Furthermore we also offer you a TeamViewer-Meeting. So we can present you our solutions via video communication. Please click on the corresponding link to download.
  • Download TeamViewer intex Meeting

/ Open a support ticket here

If you have a support enquiry / Then please let us know using the following form, send us an e-mail (support@intex-online.de) or contact us by telephone (+49 9123 9896 27). We are looking forward to helping you!

intex downloads

/ Brochures + Legal

We have put together a large number of brochures on the solutions for you and supplemented them with relevant legal topics.

the downloads are only available in german language

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